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Secure Copy (SCP)

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Linux -> Uploading Content to your Server -> Secure Copy (SCP)



Secure Copy (SCP)

Almost all Modern Linux distributions install with the ssh protocol installed and configured by default. The SSH protocol includes support with the Secure Copy (SCP) function which allows secure transfer of files to and from an SSH enabled server without the overhead and security concerns of the traditional FTP daemon.

To use the SCP transfer process you must first acquire an SCP client. One such client which is free and tested is WinSCP which can be downloaded and installed on a Windows based PC.



Once you have your SCP client downloaded and installed in accordance with the software providers instructions run the software on your desktop PC.

Enter the IP address of your server in the "Host name" field.

Enter the user you intend to connect with in the "User Name" field. If you have not created any additional users connect as the user "root".

Enter the root user's password in the "Password" field.

You can change the "File protocol" to "SCP", but the fallback mechanism will use SCP is SFTP fails.

The "Private key file" field should be left empty unless you have created an ssh key to connect with.

Once you click "Login" the server's ssh-key fingerprint will be presented for your inspection. Click "Yes" to continue on. Once the login process has completed successfully the WinSCP widow will be split in 2 sections. The left most section is your local PC hard drive contents and the right section is the remote server's hard drive contents. In the right section you can navigate to where you want to upload the files, for example /var/www/html would be a good place to upload web site content, the users /home directory would be a good place to upload backup files you want to restore.

To move files in either direction (upload or download) simply drag and drop files or directories from one pane to the other. You can also drag from another explorer window and drop the items into the server pane as well.

***Remember the path where you drop the files so you can work with them on the destination server or PC.