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Installing Windows DNS Server

Installing Windows DNS Server

This tutorial will guide you through setting up Windows DNS Server and adding your first domain so that you can host your own domains name servers.


  • Windows Server 2008/2008 R2
  • 2 STATIC internet IP addresses routed to your server (1 will work but it is not recommended, however it MUST be STATIC).
  • A domain that allows it’s name servers to be changed (most registrars support this).
  • Port 53 unblocked on your firewall (and port forwarded on your router if applicable), both TCP and UDP (DNS service).
  • A reliable internet connection is a must. If your connection goes down, so do your domains!
  • Patience.


  • Basic knowledge of how DNS records function is helpful but not necessary for this tutorial.
  • A test domain you can use without risk to your main domain (I recommend you use this one instead of your domain domain when setting up for the first time).

1. Install Windows DNS Server (If it hasn't been installed yet):

  • Navigate to Start\\Control Panel\\Administrative Tools and open Server Manager.
  • In the tree menu on the left, select Roles.
  • In the main window, find the sub-section Roles Summary (it should be at the top) and click Add Roles.
  • On the pop-up window, read the security warnings and then select Next.
  • Select DNS Server from the list of check box options.

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