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Microsoft DNS Server

Microsoft DNS Server

DNS (Domain Name Services) are not the enigma many new users see them as. Once the process is explained most users will understand how the service works and how to troubleshoot problems. So to start you on your path to understanding DNS we'll start from the very beginning.

DNS deals with domains. Domains come in many forms and maintain a hierarchical structure. The top level domains (TLD) are maintained by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). These TLDs come in forms such as .com, .org, .net and many many more. So in laymans terms the TLD is the portion of the domain name to the far right after the right most ".".

The Second Level Domain portion of a domain name to the left of the TLD and is maintained by the domain owner. In order to become the domain owner you must register the domain with a registrar. Once you are the owner of the domain you can manage the DNS records which belong to the domain. These records can be hosted on any DNS server whether the server belongs to your registrar, your ISP, your hosting provider or even yourself.

The last level of the hierarchy we will discuss here is the host name/sub-domain. At times these terms are used interchangebly but these can serve differnet purposes. The third set of characters from the left is the host record. For example in "myhost.mydomain.com" the "myhost" text portion is the host name. This portion normally provides the data for a single computer or website.

For the purposes of this article we will discuss hosting your DNS domain on your own DNS server. there are several types of DNS records you need to be aware of in order to start this process.

  • A Aecords
  • NS Records
  • MX Records
  • CNAME Records
  • TXT records
  • PTR records
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