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ServerPronto HowTo
Getting Started

Getting Started

Before You Begin

This page is dedicated to walking through the Getting Started Wizard and briefly explaining what each section intends to teach.

If you haven’t used Getting Started Wizard before you will be given a page that allows you to select the language you wish to use for your interface. If you change the language make sure to click Change to apply the changes to your interface. When finished selecting your language click Continue to move on.

To navigate through the Getting Started Wizard use the Jump to Section… in the top right to go directly to the section you wish to read.

Language Selection Screen

Introduction to Web Hosting

The first page will be a simple introduction to web hosting. This screen will give you a brief description of the web hosting using CPanel and what features can be found within it.

Initial Introduciton

How Your Site Works

This page explains how your website is organized as well as where you can find certain files and folders. On this page, is an explanation of the different directories where you can find your website’s files. Emphasis is placed on adding files to their correct location, making sure to place public files in public_html.

List of Directories

Managing Files On Your Site

This screen explains how to manage your files and how to get them to your site.

Files can be added to your site through the File Manager and the Web Disk.

The File Manager allows you to view, upload, and modify files to and from your site. You can access the File Manager through the File Manager area on the main screen of your interface. When inside the File manager you can upload files to your site.

Web Disk

A Web Disk is used to easily access your site, this is useful when you find yourself moving a lot of file at a time or find yourself making a lot of changes to your site. You may also add a link to your home computer’s desktop, to your website’s files, through a Web Disk.

FTP Accounts

To use FTP to upload files to your site you must first create an FTP account. You will also need to download the FTP client that will work with your operating system.

Uploading Files through File Manager, Web Disk, and FTP Accounts

Web Disk

This screen gives you a basic description of Web Disk as well as provides a link that allows you to set up Web Disk on your computer. To Access Web Disk click the Access Web Disk button to begin.

Access to Web Disk

New Email Account Setup

This screen allows you to create an email account, in your domain, to receive emails from other addresses. The function of the email account can be found on the main page of your interface.

New Email Account Setup

Set Default Address

This screen sets up a default email address that will be delivered any mail that is sent to invalid email addresses for your domain.

Set up for default email


This screen explains the use for Webmail and your access to it through a web browser. This page also gives you a link to allow you to access your cPanel Webmail from your desktop or your bookmarks toolbar.

Webmail setup

Contact Information and Preferences

This screen establishes your contact information and when you want notifications form cPanel to your contact email address. Make sure to click Save to apply any changes.

Set up of contact information

Change Style

This page allows you to change the theme of your interface. You may choose from many different preselected styles.

List of theme you can choose from

Manage SSH Keys

This screen explains SSH keys and how they can be used to login to the server location. You can generate a new key or import a key from this page as well.

You may generate or import SSH Keys
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