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Pointing your domain to your Server
Windows -> Microsoft DNS Server -> Pointing your domain to your Server



Pointing your domain to your Server

Your domain will still be using the registrar DNS servers in most cases, so now we need to switch it to your own.

Note: This will result in your domain temporarily going offline in some cases. This will only normally happen if your DNS Server is not accessible from the outside, and this downtime could be longer than anticipated while you fix it. If in doubt, use another domain as a test bed. In fact I recommend you use a test domain.

Each registrar differs, but you will be looking for one of the following names in the control panel: Glue Records or Name Servers.

Unfortunately due to the number of registrars and control panels in existence it’s impossible to explain how to do it for them all, so we suggest you to contact your registrar support and ask them how to point your domain to your own Name Servers 

- Once you find the right page, you should have several boxes. One will have Name Server and the other IP Address.

  • We need to specify your name servers and the IP address to use.
  • Often they will look like this (IP’s are examples):

  • We need to modify them to be (where X is 1 or 2) and each of your STATIC IP’s.
  • They should look like this (IP’s are examples and remember to change to your own domain names):

  • When you have entered them, you need to Save/Apply the changes.

Now we need to wait. The propagation of DNS name servers takes up to 48 hours to change world-wide. In most cases however it’s much quicker, sometimes fairly instant. It all depends on the DNS lookup caching used by your ISP.

There are some tools you can use to check the state of the records and to see if your DNS Server is open to the Internet. We recommend you to use