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Our industry-leading Service Level Agreement and 100% uptime guarantee are the starting point of our stellar service. More than 5,000 happy clients agree – ServerPronto offers industry-leading customer service and support you can count on 24/7/365.

But don't take our word for it- listen to what our customers have to say:


"It's encouraging to find a host so focused on delivering quality-meets-affordability to customers. This team cut into a dense market with an offering that would resonate with the cost-conscious, performance-minded hosting user by owning their own datacenter, doing their own IT, and being the first to license cutting-edge instant IP migration technology. We at HostingAdvice applaud ServerPronto for delivering incredible value to dedicated and cloud hosting customers. "

Alexandra Leslie, HostingAdvice

"ServerPronto is a well established, forward thinking web host with some innovative solutions that are ahead of the game. The company has a variety of high caliber certification and partnerships to allow them to offer cutting-edge solutions that are in a league of their own. If you are looking for a high-quality hosting provider in the US, then ServerPronto is well worth a look."

Rowanna, Top 10 Website Hosting

"ServerPronto exemplifies their name! Servers are deployed within the hour, emails for assistance are returned promptly, and problems are solved quickly!"

Christopher House,

"I've been some months using serverpronto and I have to say that they have a serious customer service support. You'll have your questions replied in less than 24h and you will get real help.. not the standard cut & paste answers you get everywhere else. I've been with other hosting services, and this is the one that do not ties you to a long term contract orvagreement.. you pay as you go. And I want to go further with this guys. I give my best to serverpronto "

Javier Albarracin,

"Serverpronto were quick at setting up both of my servers with them. We are developing a streaming media solution and they provided a great test bed so we are able to keep costs low before having a solid revenue stream. They have always been swift and courteous with support - I was very grateful when my first server was completely replaced after some recurring issues. You simply can't get better value for money if you need your own dedicated server."

Patrick Cornwell,

"Since joining ServerPronto I have been thoroughly impressed with the service and support offered. The high bandwidth connection means my servers are very responsive, and the competitive pricing makes renting servers very affordable. "


"My name is Col Heke of Frecol Computer Consultants , Tokoroa New Zealand. I operate a very successful hosting business and have 5 servers presently. The last server I got from you. You sure live up to your name "serverPronto" because it was up and running within 12 hours. Very impressive indeed. I highly recommend the fast and friendly server you continue to off. The server is going perfectly and my clients are very happy. "

Col Heke,

"Hello I have a Started package with and so far have had absolutly no problems, and have had 100% uptime! I have my own server for only $30 a month, one of the best Dedicated Server Host, great uptime, great support, great services guranteed!"


"We used ServerPronto services for 2 years now... ServerPronto delivered high-quality and high-speed servers we normally found elsewhere for much higher price. Hardware is top quality, never so much as a hick-up, and a timely service... It really helped us cut the cost of hosting our applications and deliver better service to XSLmaker customers. "

Tom Prakesh, XSLmaker

"Overall serverpronto is a great value if you have the skills to run the server yourself. I have not seen a cheaper server anywhere and to this point I have had no downtime. But if you need alot of help administering your server you should look at something else. "


"I am so happy with Server Pronto. Yooter InterActive Marketing owns a Political Forum SqlSpace.Com. One of the largest in the field of politics and religion, the topics that you can't really discuss at work. Our political site was crashing right and left due to the huge traffic load. We get between 1,000 to 10,000 visitors a day, depending on what breaking news is out there. We wanted a reliable provider and we choose ServerPronto. We did not choose only on price, we picked Server Pronto for quality of service. I have found them to be reliable, and offer excellent e-mail support. Thank you Server Pronto for such a great service."

Roger Wehbe, Yooter InterActive Marketing and SEO

"We've been very pleased so far with the purchase of our dedicated server. Its network uptime as well as easy-to-use server management software makes it incredibly easy for us to manage all of the web sites we're hosting and to do so in a way that's incredibly cost-effective. Good work guys. "

Gerald Bauer, JB Systems, LLC

"Hello! I love your server solutions. Its pretty good, fast and reliable. Thanks a lot. "

Anderson Rodrigo Schmidt,

"When we decided to start a web hosting and design company, our choice for servers was with Server Pronto. The choice has paid off with practically 100% uptime since we started and an unbelievable support team that actually calls you to see if your issues are addressed. "

Dan Haeck,

"ServerPronto is the best deal on dedicated servers. It's price/service relation is the best! "

Liber4e Consulting, Liber4e Consulting

"I'm thankful for your services... you supply all my needs... you're the best... "


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the competitively priced servers that you offer at ServerPronto. I previously payed twice as much for a virtual server that was on a shared physical machine. Now that I've migrated all of my services to ServerPronto, the load on my server is 1/10th what it used to be, I have 10 times the disk space, and 10 times the bandwidth. Now that I have so many additional resources at my disposal, I am able to consider providing services that I only dreamed of with my old server. I truely wish I would have discovered ServerPronto long ago. Thank you for leading the market with such a competitively priced starter package. As a student, I simply could not have afforded to go elsewhere."


"ServerPronto have provided us with the most cost effective server solution ever. Their after sales support has been excellent and we look forward to a long lasting business relationship with them. "

Michael Inglis, Lansoft Business Computers

"Hello! A relatively new site with limited resources, chose ServerPronto for because of its reputation, its nonstop Customer Support, and, quite frankly, because we found it to be the best value around. ServerPronto has been responsive to our needs and provided helpful advice. More important: ServerPronto's 99.999% uptime guarantee was critical to our mission. Our patients simply must be able to sign in at any time to get the information they need. Thanks for your help! "

Phyllis Cohen, Hyman Integrative Therapies

"Talk about customer satisfaction! Serverpronto is the best hosting company out there, especially for those customers who expect relying performance for minimum fees. I don't think there are other deals like this in the Internet! Thank you Serverpronto"

Anibal Tamacas,

"ServerPronto has exceeded our expectations. The "Starter" server has plenty of power to meet our needs, and the connection is fast and reliable. Customer support is consistently very courteous, helpful, and quick. Keep up the great work! "


Bare Metal, Cloud, and Custom Dedicated Servers

Affordable Hosting Done Right

ServerPronto’s Dedicated Servers are the economical choice for providing an exclusive set of resources solely devoted to your IT needs. With our bare metal servers, you will benefit from:.

  • Transparent Pricing, Free Setup Assistance
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Hardware Replacement
  • 100% Uptime SLA, 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Root Access, Personalised Solutions
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