60-Minute Hardware Replacement

Our Dedicated Server Hardware Comes Guaranteed

At ServerPronto, we work with industry-leading dedicated server hardware manufacturers to ensure the most modern dedicated server hardware is available to serve your needs, whether you are hosting Web sites, databases, applications, or just using your server for storage.

Because we use premium dedicated server hardware, you can be sure you are getting fast machines for both Windows and Linux applications.

We’re so confident in the reliability of our dedicated server hardware that we’re willing to guarantee it. Our performance-oriented dedicated server hardware is mounted in a world-class, temperature-controlled data center and our expert technicians monitor the machines 24/7/365. If your dedicated server hardware goes down for any reason, we become aware of it immediately and begin working to remediate the issue.

We take your business seriously. We understand every minute – every second – that your dedicated server hardware is down is causing you stress and costing you productivity. That’s why we’ve developed a 60-minute free hardware replacement policy. The policy ensures that dedicated server hardware failures are resolved within minutes, not hours. Our goal is to help you get back online as quickly as possible so you don’t miss an opportunity or slow productivity.

Optimized dedicated server hardware

At ServerPronto, we only select reliable dedicated server hardware. We frequently test our machines to ensure they are operating at peak performance. We replace machines that are aging to continually ensure you access to racks of modern servers from top hardware providers. And our custom configurations breed optimum performance from our dedicated server hardware.

By taking all of these measures, you can feel confident in our dedicated server hardware – and we can feel confident in offering a hardware guarantee.

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