Geo Redundant Cloud Hosting

Forget disaster recovery, this is disaster avoidance. Order Now to Make Your Website Fail-Proof

The World's First True High-Availability Cloud Hosting

Today’s cloud providers may eliminate server-level points of failure, but they don’t have an answer for data center or city-level points of failure. ServerPronto is the only company that keeps you online in the event of a DC level or City level outage.

Forget disaster recovery, this is disaster avoidance.

Network or Server Outage? No Problem

Our custom cloud solution breakthrough comes from our multiple data center server cluster's ability to share an IP address between different cities. When our servers are migrated manually, or fail over to another city, not only is there no configuration necessary at the server level -- there is no configuration required at the network level. 

Because there is no change to the public static IP address when the server migrates, there is no down time because of BGP convergence or DNS propagation.

Why Geo Redundant Cloud Hosting?  Because two full clouds interconnected between two cities with different carriers and data center infrastructure beats one cloud everyday(and night).

Customers can utilize our Public or Private cloud infrastructure.  Geo Redundant Cloud Servers can also configure our Data Center nodes to provide much of the same functionality to your existing data centers.  Geo Redundant Cloud Servers can take your existing server clusters to the highest level of availability possible in the world, ever, in history.

  • Fail over happens with no human intervention whatsoever including at the server and network level.
  • No detectable downtime.
  • Select fail over settings from our consumer grade management interface.


Two Simple Ways to Get Started

Geo-Redundant Cloud Standard [PDF] 2 Cores 4GB RAM 25GB $159.95 Customize
Geo-Redundant Cloud Professional [PDF] 8 Cores 16GB RAM 75GB $549.95 Customize

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Our High Availability Solution

The Geo Redundant Server Solutions allow for automatic failover between data centers of mission critical services including applications, databases, and websites to multiple remote datacenters.

Your mission critical services fail over between cities at the server, and network level without changing IP addresses with no human intervention whatsoever.

This allows for zero detectable downtime.

We support all Major Linux distros, as well MS OSs and provide Live HV and VM monitoring and failover with no reboot on VMs required.

In addition, our solutions support many practical uses, including:

  • Applications (SAAS)
  • ERP
  • Database
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Gaming
  • CRM
  • SAAS

Extend Your Cloud from Single to Multiple Data Centers

Current Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Providers offer their services from single data centers. Frequently from an individual cloud cluster in an isolated part of a single DC.

Operating a Cloud Cluster in a single DC increases the likelihood of network, power, or staff related failures.

The following is a list of outages eliminated by ServerPronto's patent pending Geo Redundant Server technology

Have you ever experienced an outage caused by?

Router Failure
Switch Failure
ISP Outage
Power Outages
Server Hardware Failures
Security Attacks(DDOS)
Failed Software or Firmware Upgrades
Natural Disasters
Human Errors

All of these types of outages, and many others can be either completely eliminated or dramatically reduced by Geo Redundant Cloud Servers.



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Forget disaster recovery, this is disaster avoidance. Order Now to Make Your Website Fail-Proof