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Our Cloud VPS offers a simple cloud platform with all the basic features you need to host your website. In addition you have access to advanced features such as View Console, Mount CD, Shutdown, Power On, Reboot, Reimage, and view bandwidth. All important tools for management and development.

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Operating System


1 Core: Included
2 Cores: recurring $5.00
3 Cores: recurring $10.00
4 Cores: recurring $15.00


1GB: Included
2GB: recurring $5.00
4GB: recurring $10.00
6GB: recurring $20.00
8GB: recurring $30.00
12GB: recurring $40.00
16GB: recurring $50.00

Hard Drive

30GB SSD: Included
50GB SSD: recurring $5.00
100GB SSD: recurring $15.00
200GB SSD: recurring $20.00
300GB SSD: recurring $30.00
400GB SSD: recurring $40.00
500GB SSD: recurring $50.00


2TB Data Transfer: Included (Overages billed $.05 per GB)
5TB Data Transfer: recurring $45.00


100Mbps: Included
Gigabit (1,000Mbps) Port: recurring $5.00

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