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ServerPronto Cloud Servers provide high-availability cloud resources on SSD drives with an OnApp control panel. Perfect for projects or applications that benefit from auto-scaling, auto-backup and load balancing. Spin up as many Virtual Machines as you need, view consoles, shutdown, reboot, reimage, view bandwidth and manage everything from a secure Cloud Portal.

A ServerPronto cloud system gives you a predetermined set of resources to allocate to your applications, as you wish, in a high availability system architecture.  Rather than running multiple services across multiple servers, you can consolidate your IT needs into a centrally managed Cloud.  You can turn a 1 core virtual machine with 1GB of RAM; into a 64 core virtual machine with 128GB of RAM with the click of a button.  Or scale back when needed.  This can save you money, time, and last but not least, the headaches that go along with IT infrastructure management.

Building servers on our Cloud infrastructure, provides you with everything your business needs to be global, stay flexible, and remain available to you and your customers. With our Cloud Portal we give you an extra level of control to create and manage your Virtual Machines on our ServerPronto Public Cloud.  ServerPronto's Cloud Servers include:

  • Easy to use Cloud Control Panel - Manage VMs from your Virtual Data Center 
  • Independently Adjust CPU Cores, RAM, and HDD space. Or configure Auto-Scaling
  • Single Click Reimage and Reboot Functionality
  • Firewall Management Console
  • Included Backup Space
  • Load Balance Multiple Virtual Machines
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • 5000GB of Traffic Included
  • Hosted in our SSAE-16 Certified Data Center

Cloud Server Control Panel

Cloud Control Panel


Instant Scalability - The Power of Cloud Computing

After your order, you can expect your account to be active in just a few hours. After that, computing resources on your Cloud Server can be upgraded or downgraded in minutes as your needs change and with the new resources Virtual Machines can be added and removed. No setup time, no upgrade fees!

Pricing for our Cloud Server starts at $17.95 per month for 2 Cores, 3GB RAM and 40GB SSD drive. If your site or application has big fluctuations in traffic or computing power needs – seasonal spikes around the holidays, for example – you can easily add more resources to your Cloud Server, and then remove them once the demand subsides.

Additional Resource Pricing:

  • 1 Core: $17.95/month (ON: $0.02490/hour | OFF: $0.00)
  • 1GB RAM: $10/month (ON: $0.014/hour | OFF: $0.00)
  • 1GB HDD: $0.10/month (ON: $0.00014/hour | OFF: $0.00014/hour)

 Additional Licensing Pricing:

  • cPanel/WHM: $20/month
  • Windows 2008/2012 Standard Edition: $35/month
  • Windows 2008/2012 Enterprise Edition: $225/month


Compare us to the industry leaders

ServerPronto goes beyond industry standards for powerful and reliable Cloud Server solutions. Compare ServerPronto to Rackspace and Amazon EC2.

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Configure your Cloud Server Package

Our cloud servers are fully customizable, click here to begin: several configurable options Select the RAM, CPU, Hard Drive options, and more. You can instantly increase or decrease any of these settings on the fly as you wish. Next, select your Operating System. Choose from a variety of Windows and popular Linux Distributions: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, Fedora, cPanel and others. In addition, we offer a full array of Microsoft Server and msSQL distros.. Cloud Computing: Compute, SAN, CDN

Looking for fully dedicated resources? See our Dedicated Server offering.

Or maybe a more affordable and basic hosting solution? Check out our VPS - Virtual Private Server solutions.

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Bare Metal, Cloud, and Custom Dedicated Servers

Affordable Hosting Done Right

ServerPronto’s Dedicated Servers are the economical choice for providing an exclusive set of resources solely devoted to your IT needs. With our bare metal servers, you will benefit from:.

  • Transparent Pricing, Free Setup Assistance
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Hardware Replacement
  • 100% Uptime SLA, 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Root Access, Personalised Solutions
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