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Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 is a hypervisor-based server virtualization product that enables you to consolidate workloads, helping organizations improve server utilization and reduce costs.
Hyper-V Server is a dedicated stand-alone product that contains the hypervisor, Windows Server driver model, virtualization capabilities, and supporting components such as failover clustering, but does not contain the robust set of features and roles as the Windows Server operating system. As a result Hyper-V Server produces a small footprint and and requires minimal overhead. Organizations consolidating servers where no new Windows Server licenses are required or where the servers being consolidated are running an alternative OS may want to consider Hyper-V Server.
In contrast, Windows Server 2012 is recommended for organizations that need flexible and cost effective virtualization rights. Virtualization rights in Windows Server 2012 are based on the specific edition purchased, with Windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition providing unlimited virtual instances.
One of the most common uses for Hyper-V Server is in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. VDI allows a Windows client operating system to run on server-based virtual machines in the datacenter, which the user can access from a PC, thin client, or other client device. A full client environment is virtualized within a server-based hypervisor, centralizing users’ desktops.
By deploying VDI with Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012, users will have seamless access to a rich, full fidelity Windows environment running in the data center, from any device. Hyper-V Server also gives IT professionals a cost effective VDI solution with simplified administration, flexible storage options, and dynamic allocation of resources.

Key Features

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 provides enhanced capabilities and features that help consolidate servers effectively while making maximum use of resources.
Hyper-V Network Virtualization
Hyper-V Network Virtualization decouples server configuration from network configuration to provide multiple virtual dedicated networks. This enables seamless communications among virtual machines, and migration across physical servers, while isolating these networks from one another, enhancing security.
Hyper-V Extensible Switch
Hyper-V has been enhanced for virtual machine protection, traffic isolation, traffic prioritization, usage metering, and troubleshooting. To help integrate Hyper-V networking into existing infrastructures, the Hyper-V Extensible Switch provides for third-party extensions to work with existing monitoring and security tools, or with other specialized third-party functionality.
Virtual Machine Scale and Mobility
Hyper-V Server has been enhanced, similarly to Hyper-V in Windows Server, and can host larger virtual machines with more virtual processors and memory – and host more of them on larger server clusters. These improvements, combined with other features such as Dynamic Memory, enable you to consolidate even very large workloads densely and efficiently.
Hyper-V Server enables tremendous flexibility in virtual machine placement and management throughout your virtual environment, through the inclusion of support for simultaneous live migrations, storage live migration, and shared-nothing live migration.


Cost-effective virtualization
Server virtualization is an effective method to improve resource utilization, increase availability, and improve agility within an organization’s infrastructure. Hyper-V Server provides a simple server virtualization solution for any size organization.

Improve scalability and performance

When consolidating servers, Hyper-V Server 2012 significantly increased scalability – both up and out – over previous versions. Now you can virtualize almost any workload

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