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ServerPronto HowTo
Adding your first domain

Adding your first domain

  • Navigate to Start\Administrative Tools and open DNS, the tool for managing your DNS records.
  • You’re now presented with the base (blank) DNS Server configuration.
  • Your server name will be listed on the left. Select “+” to make it expand the tree.
  • Select Forward Lookup Zones and then right click and select New Zone.

Adding your first domain

  • On the pop up box, select Next.
  • Now select Primary Zone(default) and click Next.
  • In the Zone namedbox,enter your domain name without http:// or www.
  • Select Next and on the next screen selectCreate a new file with this file name, thenNext.
  • On the next screen selectDo not allow dynamic updates and select Next.
  • On the final screen, clickFinish.

Your domain is now created, we just need to configure it.



You will see your domain inside Forward Lookup Zones.

  • Select your domain and then double click on the Start of Authority (SOA) record.
  • In the pop up box we need to enter the following information:

Serial Number: Enter in the following format YYYYMMDDNN

(YYYY = Current year in 4 digits, MM = Current month in 2 digits, DD = Current day of the month in 2 digits, NN = Increment, so 01 to begin with)

Primary Server: ns1.testforyou.com (replace testforyou.com with your own domain name)

Responsible Person: hostmaster.testforyou.com (replace testforyou.com with your own domain name)

Setting up your domain

  • Select the Name Servers tab and remove the existing entry.
  • Aelect Add and enter ns1.testforyou.com in the top box (replace testforyou.com with your own domain name).
  • Where it has , click it and enter the static IP of your server and click OK. This must be the external IP, not a local network or private IP.
  • Repeat the last two steps but use ns2.testforyou.com and your 2nd static IP. Skip this 2nd addition if you only have 1 IP.
  • Finally click Apply and then OK to close the window.

We have now set up the domain.


Setting up your domain

On the main window, select where the records are in the white space then press F5 on your keyboard. This will refresh the records and 2 more should appear.

  • Now right click and select New Host (A or AAAA).
  • Leave name blank and enter the IP you will use to host websites on in IIS into the IP Address box.
  • Click Add Host. You should get a confirmation message. Click OK then Done.
  •  Your domain is now set up to be accessed as “testforyou.com” (without www.)
  • Now do the same again but in the Name box, enter www. This sets up the domain so it can be accessed with www. in the URL.
  • Repeat the same again for any other records such as ftp, pop, smtp, mail, imap, etc so they can be accessed as {name}.testforyou.com.

Now, if you’re going to want mail to be delivered via your domain, you will need an MX Record.

  • In the DNS Manager window for your domain, Right click and select New Mail Exchanger (MX).
  • Leave Host or child domain blank and enter your domain name into the Fully qualified domain name box as testforyou.com
  • Leave the Mail server priority as 10.
  • Click OK and the record will be added.


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