We understand how frustrating it can be to compare server hosts or build your own server with a lack of good information on server CPUs. Up until now, questions like “what are the differences between Intel’s processor generations?” and “what’s the difference between server grade and consumer grade processors?” have gone unanswered.

We’re here to set the record straight. After extensive research, we’ve prepared all the information you’ll need to know to make an educated decision when purchasing components for your own server or choosing the right server host.

Top 10 Dedicated Server AwardSo, we’re excited to announce that we’ve just won Host Review’s Best Dedicated Server Host Award. This is just the latest in our award-winning history, and it comes on the heels of a glowing HostingAdvice review. The Host Review Dedicated Server Award showcases companies that offer outstanding performance and value. For example, the review process takes into account pricing, technology, reliability, and server performance.

Even though information technology has witnessed a tremendous progress in the last ten years, this doesn’t mean that this technology doesn’t encounter certain problems every once in a while. Of course, servers are not an exception. If you perform a brief research, you will notice that there are many website owners complaining about server issues that have an impact on their website’s performance.

Some of these problems can cause a lot of trouble and damage. In order to avoid such situations, it is the best idea to use the services of a reputable host. In case any of issue occurs, these web hosting companies can easily solve these issues. Now let’s highlight some of the most common server issues that can affect your website. The sooner you identify them, the better.

You’ve got a few different options when it comes to server hosting, but dedicated servers still represent the best performance for the cost which is why they are one of the most sought-after types of hosting. A dedicated server host comes with many advantages including using the entire server without restrictions, increased security and cost-effectiveness.

Selecting the best-dedicated server host can be a daunting task in many cases because the options are numerous. With the help of the comparison in this article, you will learn more about the features and characteristics of two popular dedicated server host choices today – ServerMania and ServerPronto. This will also lay the groundwork for comparing future hosts.

When you have a growing online business, the time will come when you need to invest into the quality dedicated server hosting instead of trying to save money by using a host that doesn’t meet your requirements. The hosting you’re looking for should be secure, flexible, low-maintenance and with excellent performance.

However, choosing dedicated server hosting provider is not a simple task. There are dozens of companies offering hosting plans, and even if you narrow it down to popular hosts like Hostgator and ServerPronto, you’re still faced with a tough decision.

This guide will help you compare Hostgator and ServerPronto, and the points we discuss here will help provide a framework for comparing other server hosts as well!