Like most people, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with what a server is. To put it in simplest terms, it’s a computer that stores information other devices can then access. It’s the physical technology we need to for the World Wide Web and other essential digital landscapes we all take for granted these days.

However, there are countless different types of servers out there and it’s most likely worth your time to have a general understanding of some of them. One such example would be a VPS.

If you have ever signed up for the services of a VPN, then you will know it allows you to use servers around the world and IP addresses around the world so that you may cover your tracks when you surf online, or so that you may use websites that are not available in your country. A VPS hosting package is not the same as this. A VPS hosting package offers you a cheaper version of dedicated hosting.

There are many different ways that a business can get its web presence up and be running. If one is not looking on spending much money and does not mind a lack of flexibility, cloud hosting can be a viable option. For a good tradeoff between expense and features, virtual private servers are a decent choice. For a business looking at a vast IT infrastructure or just an extensive web presence, dedicated hosting is the most expensive but by far the most flexible of the options.