Up until a few years ago, many companies had a large, clunky iron box on which their calls depended. A lot of cables went in and out, fed by analog or ISDN lines at best. This way SMEs could get up to 30 voice channels if they could afford the high price tag.

Companies have replaced the now obsolete Analogical telephones or ISDN accesses with brand new IP telephones, making the process easier, cheaper, and more reliable than ever before. These are some of the advantages for which they have taken the step to VoIP:

Reduced Costs

Did you know that if your company has several branches with the same IP telephone provider, the calls made from one branch to another will be free? The same happens with calls to other customers of the same operator since within the same operator these calls are usually not billed. Thus, one of the most important reasons why SMEs are switching to IP telephones is because it lowers their monthly operations costs significantly.

The price per minute of a VoIP call is much cheaper than using a traditional telephone line. Thus, a call from a fixed line to a cell phone, lasting 5 minutes, could cost as much as 93% more if done from your usual analog phone, compared to the cost of the call from a VoIP. you don’t have to be a math genius to see the difference is worth it! 

VoIP has better sound quality

Whenever you make a phone call using analog phones, usually you hear humming, interference, and other noises during calls from old systems or damaged lines, which makes conversations unpleasant in most cases. With the arrival of VoIP, all this disappeared and the sound quality has greatly improved.

Considering that the human voice ranges from 50 Hz to 8 kHz, it’s important to note that traditional telephone services only reach the 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz frequency range, while VoIP provides audio from 50 Hz to 7 kHz, which is a lot closer to the actual, natural sound of the voice.

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Get all the channels you need

Unlike traditional phone service, where channels were limited to the contracted lines, with a VoIP service you now can have as many simultaneous channels as you need. It is no longer necessary for someone to “free the line” in order to call.

For businesses or companies that have different departments that have to be constantly making phone calls, this is a great advantage because it’s so much easier to set a new line whenever a new member joins your team.

Make and receive calls from anywhere

Forget about call forwarding or people leaving you messages on an answering machine while you are away from your office. VoIP lets you use any smartphone with an IP telephony app (Softphone), allowing you to make and receive calls from anywhere.

You can use have a number associated with the app or have your office number’s extension added to your smartphone and phone number. This way, you can be available whenever you want, wherever you are.

Simple installation

IP phone services use the Internet to connect your calls, so you only need a line that provides an Internet connection. This translates to fewer cables, less maintenance, and less hassle when it comes to installation. 

All VoIP communication is done through Ethernet cables, which you most likely already have since it’s the same one used for computers. So, if your workstations have a computer and a telephone, you won’t need to make any new installation: it is already done! The same type of cable used to connect your PC is the one you use for a VoIP terminal, you’ll just need to add a new one, so both your PC and VoIP phone have its own cable.

Do you constantly move around the office or share the same phone with other people? There are wireless IP phone terminals that make it easy to move around without being bound by cables, making it easy to move or pass the phone around without worrying about any cables attached to the receiver.

VoIP switchboards are always operative

With VoIP, the switchboard is in the Cloud, saving you space and time, especially if you need to reconfigure it. Need to switch from your current call to an incoming one? Change groups? Change schedules? No problem! You can easily do it using the web panel of the virtual switchboard. Your calls enter the virtual switchboard and, depending on the set configuration, they’ll be delivered to you in the form and to the extensions you choose. 

If it is not within working hours, the switchboard will indicate it to the caller with a pre-recorded message that you can conveniently configure and record. If for any reason, whether it is a vacation or some other unforeseen event, you have to leave your business without power, the virtual switchboard will continue to pick up the calls and play the recorded message. This way, you can tell your customers when you’ll be back in service or set up a detour to a cell phone. 

Unlike analog switchboards, which require almost continuous investment for maintenance, a virtual switchboard allows everything to work properly within its ecosystem. All parts that compose it are managed so that maintenance is transparent to you. This way you will always have a completely updated telephone system without having to worry about its maintenance.

Running VoIP on a Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers continue to be the economical choice for providing an exclusive set of resources solely devoted to your VOIP needs. Companies with dedicated bare-metal servers can give you increased performance, greater security, and exclusive use of the server’s system and network resources for all your VoIP needs.

By having your VoIP system on the same dedicated server as your website, lots of new options to communicate with users, clients, or visitors become available for your business. 

Some of our all-time favorites features are:

  • Clients being able to make a direct call to your staff
  • Clients sending texts or call your mobile number
  • Sending emails with direct links to start a call from their computer to your business’ phone or sales team
  • Setting a clickable phonebook system to contact a specific person or department

These are just some of the things you can set by having a VoIP in a dedicated server with your website, the possibilities stretch far beyond this small list. One thing is sure, your level of ease and options to communicate with your clients will be far better with a VoIP system. The advantages are multiple and important; you will gain in price, quality, efficiency, versatility, and functionality. In the recent history of technology, it is like switching from analog to digital television.

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