Servers are good examples of a form of technology that will most likely never be replaced. As long as cyberspace exists, we need a place to house it. Instead of ever going away, servers will instead simply continue to evolve. The natural question, then, is what is the future of servers? Where will they finally end up? You don’t want to suffer from yesterday’s technology because you weren’t looking forward.

Everyone knows that dedicated servers are preferable over the shared option. It’s like comparing a home to an apartment or your own car to the city bus. However, a lot of people are caught on the fence when trying to decide between the two. If you don’t get the kind of traffic that necessitates a dedicated server, it may seem like you’re paying extra for very little in return. Well, here are three advantages you may not be familiar with to help make your mind.

Most people nowadays understand that dedicated servers are preferable to any other option you might be thinking of. Even if you don’t opt for virtualization right now, having a dedicated server is going to give you the best possible result for your website or whatever else. And gamers are starting to take this into consideration.

In the Game Industry, Dedicated Servers are King

If you’re a gamer, most likely, you’re one of the millions who take this hobby extremely seriously. Today’s gamers love their favorite pastime to the point that many have actually made careers out of them. This may not be to the extent you’ve taken it—or even hope to—but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to play your best game every time, especially when it’s against others.

Server virtualization is the next big trend you can expect to see more and more of in the future. Having a dedicated server is great, but having that data available in a virtual environment is just an unrivaled benefit. However, if you’re currently stuck in the actual virtualization process, then you may want to think about outsourcing it. Here are some telltale signs it’s time to do so.

Every computer you use runs on an operating system, commonly abbreviated as OS. It makes sense, then, that your dedicated server would need one too. It would also make sense that the OS you choose for your dedicated server will play a huge role in your experience. While there are a number of features to consider about a dedicated server before investing in one, its operating system needs to be a priority.