As we all know, web server security is crucial. Is the most important task for any organization that has a web server. So, one must take some necessary actions to enhance web server security. Below is a list of tasks one should track when securing a web server.

1. Take Away Unnecessary Services

When services keep running on an operating system, ports can be often left open.  These open doors are sensitive to malicious users to misuse. Switch off all unnecessary services and disable them. Turning off unwanted services will also give an extra rise to the performance of the server.

2. Remote Access

It’s important to be sure that remote accesses are secured properly. This by using encryption protocols. A good security practice is using security tokens and other single sign-on equipment and software.

3. Permissions and Privileges

A network service and file permissions play a vital role in web server security. When a web server engine is compromised, there is a possibility that any user can get access. And they can carry out any tasks inside the server. Therefore, it is very important to always assign the least amount of privileges, such as web server software.

4. Monitor and audit the server

Web server logins should be stored in a separate area. This way, website access, network services, database server and operating system logs can be monitored frequently. Making the audit easier.

5. Separate Development / Testing / Production environment

All applications can easily be found by unwanted users.  So, development and testing should always be done on servers isolated from the Internet. This can help prevent intrusive behavior and other complications.

6. Use Security Tools Provided with Web Server Software

Microsoft has released a number of tools to help administrator’s secure IIS server installations. As a matter of fact, configuring such tools is a slow process and can be time-consuming.  Also, with custom web applications, they add an extra amount of security and with this, peace of mind.

7. Install All Security Patches On Time

A patched software does not mean your server is secure. In addition, it is very crucial to update your operating system. And that any other software running on it, has the latest security patches. Also, this can enhance any security system.

8. Stay Informed

Finally, it is very important to stay tuned and learn about new attacks and updated tools. Stay informed by reading security-related news and magazines. And also with course related to the field.

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