The eCommerce boom has benefited many businesses and sales numbers remain strong with all the mobility flexibilities we already have. Users continue to use the digital channel frequently to shop and they do it mostly from their smartphones using mobile apps which represents a new challenge to businesses to be this way and create their own application.

The opportunity to reach people through transactional apps is much greater, their use was growing up to 100% before the pandemic, and continues to be its time due to the popularity they have acquired. To give you an idea, so far this year there has been a 30% increase in app downloads in general, this is equivalent to 1.24 billion mobile app installations in the country, in addition to revenues of almost 500 million dollars in the first quarter of 2021.

Taking into account this huge global movement, Wix, the popular website builder, announced that it will launch its tool to create mobile apps, on-demand, without having to use any inline code.

You can now create mobile apps with Wix

The proposal of the new Wix app builder is the element that comes to complement the offer of solutions for the development of your digital business by offering a customized website, a domain, and now your own native mobile application for iOS and Android,

The new product, called Branded App by Wix, will allow users of the tool, such as small businesses and entrepreneurs, to create the app they want for themselves without coding.

Creating mobile apps with Wix will cost $200 per month when it is released, but for the launch period, they have a pre-sale promotion until September 20 which allows new customers to get a 50% discount payment condition for life.

According to Ronny Elkayam, senior vice president of mobile products, app marketplace, and strategic products at Wix, the branded app version of Wix ensures users create custom iOS and Android mobile apps as easily as they create custom websites with the platform. As such they are pleased to “offer any type of business owner or service provider the native mobile experience they need to enhance their customer experience, grow their business and ultimately compete with today’s top brands.”

What Wix customers will find in their app builder

With the Branded App service, businesses or entrepreneurs will be able to build their app with fully customized end-to-end design, main icon and all content. This includes the creation of product pages, booking services, forums and groups, chat, blogs, push notifications and more. They also promise that it will receive updates for improvements at a later date.

Another advantage is that it fits the needs of any type of business, from fitness apps to restaurants, stores, blogs, forums and even virtual events.

On the other hand, customers who already have their site designed with Wix will benefit even more with tools and features from their website that can be automatically integrated into the app, so the activity of both will be synchronized with the Wix dashboard. This allows when you add a new article from the website it will also appear in the app.


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