We’ve seen the Raspberry Pi do some crazy things. From simply replacing your desktop to being clustered together as a sub $2,000 supercomputer the Raspberry Pi doesn’t cease to amaze and interest anyone with a love for technology, but with these seemingly endless capabilities, many are beginning to wonder whether it could work as a personal file sharing server or even a small web server.

Servers are good examples of a form of technology that will most likely never be replaced. As long as cyberspace exists, we need a place to house it. Instead of ever going away, servers will instead simply continue to evolve. The natural question, then, is what is the future of servers? Where will they finally end up? You don’t want to suffer from yesterday’s technology because you weren’t looking forward.

When you consider just how important a company’s web presence is for all of their digital offerings, it’s easy to contend that one of the most vital components of their entire operation is their server. This is an easy element to take for granted, but the moment it stops working as you need it to, you’ll immediately appreciate why it is so important. For this reason, it’s a good idea to think about when a dedicated server is appropriate. It’s never a bad time to upgrade to one of these servers—it certainly won’t hurt operations—but most of you probably don’t want to spend the money until it’s necessary.

Everyone knows that dedicated servers are preferable over the shared option. It’s like comparing a home to an apartment or your own car to the city bus. However, a lot of people are caught on the fence when trying to decide between the two. If you don’t get the kind of traffic that necessitates a dedicated server, it may seem like you’re paying extra for very little in return. Well, here are three advantages you may not be familiar with to help make your mind.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably considered investing in a dedicated server for your company on more than a few occasions. However, like so many, the discussion probably stopped short when you got to the actual cost. There’s no doubt about it, the cost of a dedicated server is definitely going to put more pressure on your budget than what you’ve been spending in the past.

Most people nowadays understand that dedicated servers are preferable to any other option you might be thinking of. Even if you don’t opt for virtualization right now, having a dedicated server is going to give you the best possible result for your website or whatever else. And gamers are starting to take this into consideration.

In the Game Industry, Dedicated Servers are King