If you’re looking for a Kimsufi and ServerPronto comparison looks no further. This review will start off with a brief overview of each company, then compare the features of each company, the server pricing and performance, and a few customer reviews. Let’s begin!

Expert Overview


Kimsufi is the same company as OVH. OVH started the Kimsufi brand as a low-end server host. Kimsufi may not offer servers directly to you depending on your country, but they have been expanding their supported countries over the years and if you can’t purchase directly from them there are several resellers which may cater to your country.


ServerPronto is a server hosting company which started in 2000. They focus on offering mid to high-end servers at the world’s most affordable prices. In 2012, ServerPronto changed ownership which resulted in a lot of changes including scalable hosting options and a new, more customer-focused, approach.


Kimsufi Hosting Features

  • Every server is tested to make sure it meets performance standards
  • Server hardware is “guaranteed for life”
  • 60 preconfigured distributions
  • Free anti-DDoS
  • Fiber optic network
  • 99.9% network SLA

ServerPronto Hosting Features

  • Free setup including setup assistance
  • 1 hour average provisioning time
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • No contract
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Full root access
  • Servers are preconfigured with essential applications
  • 24/7 hardware replacement
  • A 24/7/365 customer support contactable by email, phone, and live chat
  • Customizable servers

Server Pricing and Performance

Kimsufi doesn’t always have servers available, and at the time of this review, only 2 servers are available out of their 6 server lineup. Keeping this in mind, some of the Kimsufi servers we review may not be available for purchase and there is no way of knowing when they will be provisioned and ready for purchase. Another important detail to keep in mind is that Kimsufi’s server packages are not customizable while Serverpronto’s packages can be customized allowing you to add and change hardware (upgraded hard drives, additional hard drives, and additional RAM just to name a few possible upgrades).

We will be comparing the cheapest server offered by both companies, then a server that’s in the middle both price and performance wise, and lastly the best server both companies can offer.


Server Price CPU RAM Hard Drive
A Kimsufi KS-1 $6.99 (plus $13.99 set-up fee) Atom D425 1x 1.8 GHz 2GB RAM 500GB
ServerPronto $29 Dedicated Server $29.00 Dual-Core CPU 2x 1.90GHz 2GB RAM 250GB SATA (SSD available)
Kimsufi KS-3 $20.99 (plus $13.99 set-up fee) Core i3-2130 2x 3.4GHz 8GB RAM 1TB
A ServerPronto Power Server $119.95 Quad-Core CPU Intel E3-1230 V2 4x 3.3GHz +HT 16GB DDR3 500GB SATA (SSD available)
Kimsufi KS-5A $34.99 (plus $13.99 set-up fee) Core i7-920 4x 2.66GHz 16GB 2TB
The ServerPronto Enterprise 2-Octa Server $599.95 Dual Octa-Core CPU Intel E5-2690 16x 2.9GHz +HT 64GB DDR3 2x600GB SAS RAID

Customer Reviews

Kimsufi Reviews

Amir Eissa’s Kimsufi Review

Network: [10/10]

So far it has been great, I am in my 2nd month now without any packet loss or anything similar.

Uptime: [10/10]

Great, I don’t have any problem with uptime … my server is online since the day I ordered it, never had a minute of down time (100% uptime so far).

Support: [6/10]

Slow, very slow actually … So I don’t recommend Kimsufi for people without management knowledge.
As for hardware issues, I don’t know because I had no hardware issue yet.
However, they offer you 100GB backup space to backup your data which is awesome in case of hardware failure.

Billing: [3/10]

Slowest billing department on earth, they do solve your problems but it takes a lot of time to just get their attention … last time I had a billing request, it took them nearly a week to get everything fixed

Hardware/Price: [10/10]

You probably wont find something similar to their insane deals.
Maybe Hetzner? But I hate paying such high setup fee!

Setup Time: [8/10]

It took them couple of days to get my server online, not bad but not great either.

Overall: [8/10]

I am satisfied with their service, I don’t have anything else to say

WWS2010’s Kimsufi Review

On 1 february i ordered a Kimsufi 2G. i’d like to share my experience with it, it has been somewhat a bumpy ride


The kimsufi site stated that the server would be online within 1 hour after payment. So i grabbed my credit card and ordered one. It actually took them 90 minutes to deliver. Not 1 hour, but its not that bad.

Control Panel

One of the best things about OVH is the control panel where you can do anything yourself. I ordered 3 extra ips, activated the free FTP backup and installed CentOS 6 x64. This was also very easy to do and with another 30 mins my server was ready to use.

Hardware. 64bit or not?

I got a Celeron 1.2 as CPU, the hardware is different for each kimsufi 2G server. And I have seen dual core pentium IV cpu’s so my Celeron 1.2 is as advertised.. but nothing special. I still wonder how they get a x64 OS to run on a Celeron 1.2, which i think??) is not a 64bit CPU.

But then to trouble started..

After configuring the server to my needs which took me about 3 hours i did one last thing: Activate netboot. OVH offers a netboot kernel feature to be sure you always have their latest optimal and secure kernel. After activating the netboot kernel my server didn’t came back up.

OVH has an internal monitoring system which alerts a tech to look at your server when it is down. In about an hour a tech looked into it and responded “Kernel error, restarting server in rescue mode”. So i activated HD boot again, and it was fine.. but this particular server wasn’t able to netboot.

To be sure it wasn’t my configuration error i installed a clean and default CentOS image to the server and tried netboot again. It was once again failing to come back up after activating the netboot kernel.

Then get me a refund

After messing around with it for some days for myself and founding the techs not helpfull in making their netboot feature work. So i contacted commercial support to get a refund. To get my refund a tech needed to confirm that the netboot failures on this server are a ‘bug’. After ticketing around between commercial and tech support for days (this took 12 replies from me in 2 tickets) a supervisor called me on my mobile to say sorry for the long ticketing mess and promised me my refund within 7 days. It actually took 10 days before i got it.

Second try

Since i needed a small server anyway, i let OVH refund the payment as credit in my customer account and tried to order another kimsufi 2G. This one was also delivered in time. First thing i did was making sure that netboot and every other piece of hardware worked on this one. And it did! My ‘second try’ server is a dualcore atom 1.8ghz. After doing all the configuration work (3 hours of work.. again ) this one runs fine.

After all..

The servers are fine, but when you order one be sure to test everything and be prepared to some ticketing around for non-standard/non-automated requests. Be sure to have knowledge of linux. OVH is not going to help you with anything except replacing failing hardware.

+ Quick reaction from techs to incident tickets if your server is down. Even on kimsufi ones.
+ Great control panel with high level of automation.
+ Ping and network speeds are good. Am able to burst the full 100mbit.
+ 100GB Free FTP backup space with every server.

– Slow commercial and non-incident tech support.
– When you have a ‘complicated’ issue, be prepared for some ticketing around.
– Techs are not very helpful.
– Causing me hours of extra work.

ServerPronto Reviews

Anonymous review on TBWHS.com

ServerPronto has been an excellent asset to my online needs. They offer a cheap dependable service. I have been using them for almost 2 years and haven’t had a problem or anything with them. I can’t understand why they get a 2.8 out of 5 on tbwhs.com. They have always been very dependable and you can’t beat their prices anywhere on the net. As far as uptime is concerned I haven’t noticed any extended amount of downtime. I have monitored them for 3 months and our uptime is a perfect 100%.

Their customer support is very quick at answering tickets. You can expect them to answer your ticket request in 3-8 hours. They have never not answered my questions. Not that I have had to contact them much over the last 2 years. Perhaps the people that are complaining about them lack any technical know-how. This is just my 2 cents, but I have no reason to complain about them. I will keep using them for my VPS needs.

Andrew Stubb’s ServerPronto Review

After a lot analysis and price comparison across the entire market (worldwide), we were clearly able to see that Server Pronto offered the best solution in term of price, service and stability. It was a step of faith to go with any external company, but it was the best thing we did. We had read good and bad reviews of all companies including Server Pronto, but let’s face it, bad news seems to be more common than good news, as the unhappy customers tend to over exaggerate the matter and the happy ones are too busy making money to bother writing reviews, unless they become completely overwhelmed with satisfaction…. Which is where we are right now and have been for one and a half years. They have proven themselves to be professional, passionate, focused, technically superior, honest, and operate with the highest morals at all times. If anyone wants to ask me in person to make sure this isn’t a fake post, my name is Andrew Stubbs and I am the founder and CEO.

A Few Last Words…

This review focused on dedicated servers because that is the only product that is the only product offered by Kimsufi. ServerPronto offers VPS and cloud hosting options as well. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide who the better server hosting company is, but the data and reviews above show that ServerPronto offers more features, better customer service due to its customer-focused approach, and higher-end servers. It’s also important to note that with Kimsufi, the server you want may not be available while availability is not a problem at ServerPronto.

ServerPronto offers the best affordable and secure hosting service in all dedicated server packages.


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