Like just about any form of technology, there are countless types of servers out there for you to choose from. A list of every type would easily include dozens of entries. However, there are some main categories that everyone should know about. Whether you’re concerned about your business or just want a better grasp on the technology you use every day, the following information should prove very helpful.

Types of server

A web server is fairly self-explanatory. It makes Internet access possible thanks to HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Files stored on a web server utilize HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in order to show users the content stored on a browser.

Mail Servers

Another very popular form of a server is the kind necessary for email to work. Mail servers make it possible for users to send, receive, and accumulate electronic mail. This can be done through a local network or one on the Internet.

Database Servers

Many businesses these days also need server technology for their databases. These servers host all the information necessary to create a database and store data on it. Most of these utilize the SQL database management system. Requests from client computers are sent to the server. This database then processes the SQL query, finds the requested information and sends it back to the client.

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are also very important. Once again, they are most often used by companies. With proxy servers, requests from client programs are processed before they arrive at servers. This filtering on the part of the proxy server is designed to improve performance and make shared connections possible, amongst other things.

File Server

Another type of server that should be familiar to most businesses is a file server. However, given the volume of files most companies have, that’s no easy task. These servers are also responsible for handling security. As you can imagine, that’s a pretty big deal when it comes to the sensitive information many businesses have on their file servers.

Message Servers

These days, message servers are becoming more common with businesses as well. This type of server is responsible for facilitating instant messaging and similar technology that allows parties to communicate via text through network computers.

As we mentioned at the top, this just scratches the surface in terms of all the different kinds of servers out there. However, the ones we just listed cover the most common and important types.

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Different Types of Servers

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