Managed Monitoring

Proactive support if your server goes down.

Add-on for just $10 with any Dedicated Server Plan:
Choose 'Monitoring' under Managed Services

When it comes to your online business, every millisecond counts.

Delivering heightened levels of uptime and performance requires real-time transparency into the inner workings of your servers and applications. Without this transparency, it takes you longer to uncover the root cause of your problems and even longer to remedy them.

The longer this process takes, the more unnecessary risk your business has to deal with.

Any good system administrator will tell you, a strong monitoring strategy is extremely important to the long-term success of any IT enterprise.

There are a lot of moving parts to monitor and a lot of variables. For some organizations, simple ping notification is enough. If there is no 'pong' then something must be wrong. But for others, this is not enough.

Often, for database-driven systems, a database error will not trigger a complete outage. The website may stay online, however, it will display an error to users. This is just as bad as the website going down entirely, but may not be captured by simple monitoring.

Thus, choosing and configuring the right monitoring solution is absolutely critical to your organization.

ServerPronto monitoring solutions offer more than just monitoring and notification. If you choose, ServerPronto can actually respond to alerts on your behalf. Because ServerPronto staff has a wide range of experience with various software and hardware issues, and is physically located in the same facility as your servers, often we can respond faster and with quicker results than the client themselves.

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