Technology Startup Relies on ServerPronto to Scale Growing Business

When Sam Inala set out to create a web app that would let people access thousands of virtual machines from any browser, he knew he needed to transition from his self-created lab environment to a professional dedicated hosting environment. But he also knew he needed an affordable, reliable solution to build Tiebax prototypes. lets you manage virtual machines with a single glance, keep a permanent record of what you changed and why—and never forget a password again. It works with any cloud, anywhere, or you can build your own virtual machines behind the firewall. Inala likes to say that Tiebax brings sanity to IT infrastructure management. And ServerPronto helps him do it.

“We use ServerPronto dedicated servers to prototype the initial service,” says Inala. “ServerPronto is very reliable and the service works well for us because it’s a dedicated server. We don’t have to worry about the performance issues that go along with shared servers. It’s the perfect solution.”

A Low-Cost AWS Alternative

Tiebax uses an AMD Athlon II X2 260 Dual Core CUP dedicated server. The dedicated server comes with 2GB of RAM-DDR2, 500 GB HDD SATA and 5 TB of traffic. Inala particularly appreciated that ServerPronto offered various operating system options, including his choice of Debian.

Although Inala occasionally uses the Amazon EC2 environment when clients are reliant on virtual machines that are accessing the Amazon cloud, he says it is not an affordable option in most cases. ServerPronto offers a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost of Amazon EC2 that he finds reliable as a test environment for most of his clients.

“I’ve never had any reliability issues with ServerPronto. The machines stay up and running all the time,” Inala says. “The customer support is just as responsive. I submitted a ticket once when I could not access my machine and ServerPronto resolved the issue immediately.”

Scaling Business With ServerPronto

Inala gives ServerPronto high marks for customer support and reliability, but it’s the affordability that is making the biggest impact on his business. Inala says working with ServerPronto cuts his server costs in half for a single server at Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and other large providers. And that cost savings will multiply exponentially as the company grows.

“ServerPronto is the most economical dedicated server on the market,” says Inala, who has been a ServerPronto customer for more than four years. “The affordability and reliability of ServerPronto’s dedicated servers allowed us to start up small and then scale up quickly. It’s been a good experience and we look forward to growing our business with ServerPronto.”


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