The process to cancel an OVH account is not as simple as it is with other providers since OVH doesn’t have a system by which the customer can cancel the service himself.

There’s also little to no information on how to cancel their services on their website or blog. Even for tech-savvy people, it’s proven to be quite the challenge, as Website Planet’s Shira Stieglitz (hilariously) describes in this post.

If you too signed up for OVH’s services and now can’t find a way to get rid of them, we’ve put together a couple of options you can try.

How to cancel an OVH account

According to OVH’s Billing FAQ 

You can request the cancellation of a service directly from your customer control panel (Billing > My services), up until the 19th day of the month during which your billing cycle expires. Beyond that date, the cancellation will be registered but will only take effect at the end of the period for which your services will have been tacitly renewed.

This might seem easy enough except multiple users across the web have reported problems with the cancellation process.

The other somewhat helpful information available as to how to cancel an OVH account we could find comes from a post in their community, where an OVH Cloud Support team member mentions 2 options: 

  • Contact OVH Support and ask them to process the cancellation for you.

We recommend you straight up give them a phone call. OVH is fairly slow at answering tickets, but will usually deal with an issue straight away if you speak to them by phone.

  • Disable any automatic renewal on the server and it will be terminated after expiry. 

We can’t assure you this would be either easy nor fast since most reviews and posts around the web regarding this issue point otherwise.

If a renewal has taken place after the cancellation request, you might also need to contact the billing team yourself and ask for a refund which can also take days to process. 

Downsides of OVH

Though OVH has many plans with affordable hosting plans, they’ve received several complaints from customers regarding their plans, frustrating customer support while others have cited issues with refund disbursement as a major problem.

Poor customer support

OVH has a clear hands-off approach to their customer solutions that many users have complained about. 

OVH customer support doesn’t offer assistance for applications, only for infrastructure, which can be a major problem for inexperienced users. If you’re expecting a more active customer support team, OVH may not be for you.

Many OVH customer reviews mention complaints about customer support for other reasons like a slow response for support tickets (something addressed in the before mentioned Website Planet’s blog) noting how it can take several days for them to reply.

Other customers complain about how getting a refund (even after just one day after signing up) can become a troublesome back-and-forth before you can get your money back.

Confusing interface

To start, OVH has a lot of different management interfaces which can vary by location, as well as the level of support offered. The interfaces aren’t user-friendly and can be confusing for new users that want to reconfigure their website.

The interface is clearly optimized for experienced users and can be seriously intimidating for everyone else. If you’re not exactly a hosting expert, finding your way around the panel can be a bit of a challenge. There are no cPanel-like collections of friendly icons, no easy way to review all your options at a glance. 

Product limitations

This TechRadar review mentions some of OVH limitations. Notably, you just get:

  • One SQL database with a 200MB size limit 
  • 30 simultaneous connections, maximum.
  • 10 Email accounts. 
  • 100GB of disk space. 
  • No comprehensive one-click installer (the best OVH can do is preinstall WordPress or Drupal for you) 

Moving up the OVH tiers eases some of these restrictions, though at a notably higher price; if you want to expand your site’s server capacity, you’ll have to pay up. 

OVH hosts servers all over the world, but accounts are limited to one location per server, so if you want to set up a server in another location, you’ll have to sign up and pay for a new account.

Better hosting options

OVH has affordable servers but there are fees for every extra feature and very few perks, plus all the customer support issues they have are simply not worth it.

If you’ve decided to look for an American provider that can offer better customer support ServerPronto may be a better option for you. They offer affordable and comprehensible hosting plans for every type of business with 24/7/365 support.


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