Entrepreneur Grows Business With ServerPronto Dedicated Servers

Andrew Acosta-Marte is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. His companies do everything from web design to deploying point of sales systems to overseeing digital video surveillance—he even broadcasts an online heavy metal radio station.

With so many plates spinning, Acosta-Marte needed a dedicated server solution that he could rely on to keep Webmaker Premium and up and running 24/7/365. Since he hosts client websites, point of sale systems and digital video surveillance archives—and serves up diverse heavy metal music to thousands of listeners every day—downtime is not something he can afford. Acosta-Marte turned to ServerPronto for a cost-effective solution to his dedicated server hosting needs.

“One month I spent almost $1,000 just shipping servers back and forth to FDC Servers in Chicago trying to resolve an issue,” says Acosta-Marte. “What I love about ServerPronto is that if I have an issue—even if it’s user error—I send in a support ticket and within five minutes it’s either solved or someone is working on it. That’s unbeatable.”


The Dedicated Server Industry’s Best Kept Secret

A ServerPronto customer for about six years, Acosta-Marte uses an AMD Athlon II X2 260 Dual Core CUP dedicated server. His dedicated server comes with 2GB of RAM-DDR2, 500 GB HDD SATA and 5 TB of traffic, which is plenty to drive his business.

Since Acosta-Marte uses a Windows 2012-based dedicated server, he anticipates some level of operating system issues. Still, he says, ServerPronto is quick to jump in and reboot it quickly day or night—or even in the middle of the night.

“If I have an issue with the operating system at 4 a.m., someone at ServerPronto is there to fix it. I can’t ask for better customer service,” Acosta-Marte says. “I have a few hundred radio listeners on average and nobody ever has a problem connecting. Nobody has problems with speed. The quality of the experience is perfect.”

From Acosta-Marte’s perspective, ServerPronto may be the best-kept secret in the dedicated server hosting industry. But he’s helping to change that. Acosta-Marte’s experience—along with the affordability of the dedicated server—causes him to recommend ServerPronto to all his clients.


Affordable, Scalable, Reliable

The bottom line: Acosta-Marte’s businesses are more profitable thanks to ServerPronto. With FDC servers, he spent time and money—and experienced downtime—shipping servers back and forth. Now, he’s saving time and money with ServerPronto’s affordable rates, which he calls “the best price on the market.” In fact, Acosta-Marte figures ServerPronto costs him five times less than other dedicated server vendors in the market.

 ServerPronto not only has the best prices, the company offers so much for the package price,” says Acosta-Marte. “And you have options. ServerPronto lets you scale your servers and add services as you need them. You pay for what you need—not for what you don’t.”


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