Minecraft Server – Setup Guide

Instructions to a user to manage Minecraft server:

1.       Login via ssh.

a.       Download an ssh client like putty.exe (http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe)

b.      After the download is complete run the putty application.

c.       In the “Host Name (or IP address) field enter the IP address provided above.

d.      In the “Saved Session” filed enter a name to refer to this server as and click “Save”.

e.      The saved details will now be available under the name you gave it each time you run the software.

f.        Click the name you gave it and click “Open” to launch the connection.

g.       The first time you connect you will be prompted to approve the security, click “Yes”.

h.      You will then be prompted for a user name, type “root” and hit enter. This user name is case sensitive. (your mouse does not work in this interface)

i.         You will then be prompted for a password, type the password provided in the server details email and hit enter. This password is case sensitive.

j.        You are now logged in

2.       Type ”./start” to start the server.

3.       To add your Minecraft user as an administrator of the Minecraft server type “op username”.

4.       You can now connect to the server with your Minecraft client software.

a.       Open the Minecraft executable you downloaded when you created a Minecraft account at Minecraft.net (https://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftDownload/launcher/Minecraft.exe)

b.      Enter the username and password provided to you when you purchased your account with Minecraft.net.

c.       Select to “Remember Password” if you’re on a private computer and don’t want to retype the password each time you log in.

d.      Click “Login” and then select the “Multiplayer” option.

e.      Click “Add Server” and type any name for the “Server Name” field, this is what it will appear as when you open the client not the server.

f.        Type the IP address provided in your server details email as the “Server Address”.

g.       Click “Done and it will return you to a page that lists all of the servers you have saved.

h.      Click the name you gave the server and then “Join Server”. This should connect you to your Minecraft server.

i.         You can issue additional moderator (operator) commands in the typing fields from the client by typing “/” before the commands.

i.      For example “/op username” would give that username operator rights.

ii.      For example “/ban username” would ban that user from connecting to your server.

5.       From the ssh interface (CLI – command line interface) type “help” for local commands that can be issued at the server.

6.       Other commands with similar format are “stop”, “deop”, “ban”, “gamemode” (0 for standard 1 for creative).

7.       To rollback the world to a previously saved version, stop the game and type “./rollback”. Hourly backups for the last 30 days, or however long the server has been active) should be displayed.

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