Direct emailing

Direct email delivery is disabled on the network for server packaged ordered after 5/15/2012.

All customers have access to our email relay service. To access the relay services configure your SMTP server to use as a smarthost.


This smarthost service will ensure the best possible chances of delivery without being flagged as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email or SPAM). The smarthost does this by ensuring quantity limits are placed on newly configured customers email delivery. Each new customer is limited to 1000 emails per day. Exceeding this limit will block delivery for 24 hours. If the email address is blocked for a number of consecutive days a permanent email block will be enforced to ensure delivery of other email is not affected.

If you need more than 1000 emails per day to conduct non-bulk email operations, raise a ticket with Technical Support and they can assist in some minor increases. If the increases available to the Technical Support Department are not sufficient to conduct your business you will be referred to the Abuse Department and Network Manager for a more thorough vetting of the services you intend to run from the network and possible impacts the additional email may have.


If, while using the email relay service we receive abuse complaints, we reserve the right to block email services originating from your server. You will receive a copy of the complaints and may appeal the email block to the Abuse Department.


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