Hosting for Startups

Hosting for StartupsYour startup requires a fast, reliable IT infrastructure. The ability to scale quickly & affordably. And a tech team that can keep up through the pivots.

When you're looking for a host for your startup, you have plenty of options. Sure we could talk about our redundant power and upstream providers. We could talk about our PCI compliant, SSAE 16 Certified data center. We could also mention that we have level 3 technicians on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But any major hosting company should be delivering on those things. So why would you choose ServerPronto?

Scale Affordably

Everyone is focused on cost-effectiveness early on, but have you considered how much your host will cost you once you start to grow? With ServerPronto you won't be surprised by huge overage bills for compute cycles and bandwidth. Scale your business -- and your costs -- when you're ready.

Full Root Access

A ServerPronto dedicated server provides you with complete control. Configure however you want, install whenever you want, and don't worry that you'll run into restrictions. You also don't have to worry about automatic upgrades that may break existing functionality or noisy neighbors stealing your speed and processing power. 

Install Any OS

Get your choice of operating systems

We've been very pleased so far with the purchase of our dedicated server. Its network uptime as well as easy-to-use server management software makes it incredibly easy for us to manage all of the web sites we're hosting and to do so in a way that's incredibly cost-effective. Good work guys. Gerald Bauer  (More Testimonials)